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endless protection evil eye sleepers

A Timeless sleeper design featuring a beautiful polished coin pendant with an evil eye symbol and a glistening faceted blue sapphire at its centre. The ancient evil eye symbol brings protection as it wards off negative energy and welcomes positivity. Blue sapphire inspires confidence in one's intuition, it brings restoration and focus to the wearer’s mind and body.

Available in 12K Gold Plated (sterling silver), 925 Sterling Silver & 24K Rose Gold Plated (sterling silver).

Sapphire Brings calm + focus of the mind, helping the flow of energy through the body & spirit.


Perfect for unblocking the throat & 3rd Eye Chakra, ensuring they are open + balanced.


Third Eye Chakra -Awareness, Intuition, Consciousness, Clarity, Enlightenment

please note: as our crystals are natural beauties, each crystal may vary slightly in size & clarity. 

Coin: 1cm

Sleeper: 1.5cm

Sleeper Thickness 1mm

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