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"I welcome abundance + prosperity"

The stone of optimism, Aventurine dispels negativity allowing you to attract positive energy, promoting compassion and empathy for yourself and others.

the lucky necklace | green aventurine, clear quartz + lotus

From  $229.00

Only 1 Left

azalea necklace | green aventurine

From  $179.00

azalea ring | green aventurine

From  $109.00

Only 4 Left

serene necklace | green aventurine + pearl

From  $129.00

serene bracelet | green aventurine + pearl

From  $109.00

Only 4 Left

marine necklace | green aventurine + turquoise + aquamarine

From  $129.00

marine bracelet | green aventurine + turquoise + aquamarine

From  $109.00

Only 1 Left

Coming Soon

abundance crystal kit


Only 3 Left


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