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I am your protection.
I am here to hold you, protect you & cleanse you.
By purifying your heart & soul, I will ground you, keep you balanced & safe.


mindful necklace | black tourmaline, clear quartz + evil eye

From  $229.00

Only 4 Left

azalea necklace | black tourmaline

From  $179.00

azalea ring | black tourmaline

From  $109.00

reef necklace | rose quartz + tourmaline

From  $129.00

Only 4 Left

reef bracelet | rose quartz + tourmaline

From  $109.00

ombre lights necklace | blue tourmaline

From  $139.00

ombre lights bracelet | blue tourmaline

From  $99.00

Only 4 Left

compassion necklace | multi tourmaline

From  $139.00

compassion bracelet | multi tourmaline

From  $119.00

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