CALM Smudge kit


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CALM Smudge kit
CALM Smudge kit

This magical little kit promotes calmness in a world full of chaos.

Amethyst energy properties are calming, which is an asset for those who have issues with focusing and concentration. It can help calm the emotions by reducing fear and anger and filling the user with more positive emotions.

Amethyst healing stones calm the carrier of the stone. 

Leaving amethyst crystal clusters in the workplace or at home can help with stress, depression and anxiety.

Selenite brings clarity & positivity, while raising ones vibrations & psychic ability.

Simply light the sage bundle or palo santo stick and remove all negative vibes from your home and life.

Please note that each kit, the crystals & shell will be vary slightly as they are natural beauties. The kits include an Amethyst cluster, Selenite Wand, an Abalone Shell, Palo Santo Stick + a sage bundle. It is packaged into a little cotton bag with instructions.

CALM Smudge kit
CALM Smudge kit

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