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As we move through such an uncertain time, as our day-to-day routine is no longer & for the first time in a long time, we are forced to take each day as it comes & suddenly we realise how connected we all really are.

Over the next few weeks we will be connecting & sharing with you, people that can help us re-connect with self.

Today we asked Daniela from Aiyana Energy some simple tips to move through this time of uncertainty.

  1. Connect to the self, slow down and lets align with the pause of the world

    It is important to ensure our internal foundation is feeling free and relaxed instead of moving into panic and frustration.

    You can connect to the self through meditation whether its guided/silence/visual, connecting to your intuitive senses, breathing techniques to connect to your emotions and physical self feeling into what you need for the day, or your own version of connecting to the self through yoga, stretching, having a bath in solitude, journalling etc. However you incorporate space to feel grounded.

    We are bombarded with the news and although it’s valid to stay updated to keep us and others safe, it is incredibly important to come back to connect with ourselves to feel stable.

    When we self-connect, it allows us to step into the receiving mode, stepping out of ‘doing’ all the time, giving us space to feel our emotions and sensations in the body and what we need in order to hold the space for ourselves to feel strong, aligned and self-secure.

  2. Letting go allows transformation to take place

    This time is forcing us to adapt which is actually amazing. It is teaching us to let go and see what is important in life and the bigger picture of everything.

    What were you working towards? What behaviours or patterns were you controlling? What expectations did you have? How has this pause in the world impacted you personally and can you surrender, accept and adapt?? This is a good time to observe and explore flexibility within set behaviours and the perfect time to LET GO and trust the unknown - which is a big one many of us face without trying to control or anticipate an outcome.

    Ask yourself - Where in my habits, set behaviours and my life can I be flexible?

  3. Communication creates freedom

    Communication with your loved ones and friends is vital. If you are self isolating with loved ones, of course we are bound to get fidgety and frustrated. This is the perfect time to practice communication with what you need during this time, and seeing what everyone else needs in order to support each other. The world is undergoing a huge shift. This time is precious for deeper connection through communication, understanding each others boundaries and feelings whilst supporting each other with balance and respect- minimising reaction. I suggest when feeling an internal reaction, take space to see what you really need from yourself and then express it gently to your loved one and see what they need in each experience also. Your triggers are your responsibility to meet your needs for yourself. Practice softening externally to let others know where you’re at and what you need as you are processing something deep that is coming up to the surface to shift for yourself.

    Communication creates freedom for us all, and it also allows deeper bonds so that we can really get to know each other and discard illusions of assumption, minimise conflict, and loosen the grip on our set expectations which cause victim mentalities. It’s time to step up for ourselves so we can receive what we truly want.

  4. Self isolation does not mean loneliness - Step into Self Love!

    Being alone is so powerful, it is the time to feel self secure, imaginative, creative and expansive. This can really give you time to journal, take ownership for your behaviours, understand what’s working and what’s not, and recognise the most important things in life. If you’re alone during this time, you can create a structure at home instead of rejecting this time alone with impatience.

    Remember, we are staying home to save lives. We need to be aware of our choices, and staying in creates freedom for not just you, but for those you love.

    If you’re the type of person that cannot be alone, or always needs to be with someone, this is probably one of the most amazing and transformative times for you if you allow it to be, which could change your external experiences for the better in a very healthy, confident and strong capacity.

    If you are at home by yourself, or with loved ones yet still feeling isolated - Each morning you can practice breathing into your heart space deeply, please take your time to land there whilst stepping out of the mind and ask your heart “Heart, How are you feeling?” And “Heart, What do you need from me to support you today through these feelings?”

    You will gain sensations, feelings, visuals or words back from your heart space, which allows self love to take place as here you are tuning into your emotional self and fulfilling the part of yourself that yearns for connection and intimacy. It’s time we come back to our own inner voice to create a strong foundation of love within ourselves which in turn, will enhance our relationships when the one we have with ourself is heard and nurtured.

    Get used to having your heart connection as another person with you during this time, to listen to, support and follow through with action to feel emotionally balanced and content.

  5. Get creative, enjoy simple pleasures and heart warming moments

    The world has been on autopilot for some time, survival mode is not sustainable. We were all reaching to feel connection and here we have it - we have time.

    Delve into new recipes, make pasta from scratch- taking time to cook and enjoy the process since we are so used to eating on the go, play music whilst you cook or dance around your home to get your body moving, exercise, play games with the family, enjoy wine and puzzles, get creative with new online projects, take long baths, journal, read that book you’ve “never had time” to read, study a new course online you’re interested in, garden, have a movie marathon,, draw, write, play with your kids, reconnect emotionally and intimately with your loved ones, practice being present, meditate, create a daily routine at home that you can be flexible with or just BE.

    This is the perfect time to reconnect to our internal foundation, simple pleasures and our quality of life instead of reaching out externally to make us feel better. Instead of waiting for the world to serve us and get back to “normal”…. We have been given space to fully transform. Our quality of life starts with where we spend our time and energy.

Practicing self care is crucial for our physical, emotional and mental well-being.

We have curated our favourite self care gifts, perfect for yourself or a loved one.

Start a simple daily ritual..


For personal guidance book in with Aiyana Energy for a Psychic Reading, Energetic Healing and/or Counselling for support at this time.


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