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the power of magic | cassey maynard

the power of magic | cassey maynard
I almost can’t remember how I met Cass, as it felt like we had known each other forever when we first connected (maybe because I had followed her on instagram for a long time prior; I have always been drawn to her energy) plus she is a fellow aquarian.
I was so grateful to sit in ceremony with Cass a few months ago. It came at a time of change, acceptance & a time I needed to let go of a lot of things. This always seems to be the way with beautiful sessions like this.
Following this incredible experience I was invited over the weekend to one of her new offerings - the deepening. It was exactly that. An intimate, safe space to be open & vulnerable & to be able to drop deep into connection through ceremony, sound, movement & energy healing.
I am so excited to have Cass share her journey & more about Cacao + her healing.
Krystle x
Where did the interest & love of a deeper connection begin for you?
It most definitely began when I was moving through a divorce. I was in a very dark and confused place in my life and wanted to understand who I was (without him) and what I truly wanted in life.  Then this craving for connection to self deepened when I lost my beautiful Mumma at 30 weeks pregnant. This is where I really needed to step up and (re)Mother myself so I could be the divine Mother I know I came here to be. 
What is a cacao ceremony? & who + why does someone do a cacao ceremony?
Ceremony is a safe and sacred space for you to drop your worries, stressors and overwhelm, and deepen into connection and harmony. To find inner peace and restore balance internally – which ripples externally. 
For thousands of years, Cacao has been used in ceremonies and rituals as a means of attaining higher perspectives on life.
Considered the "Food of the Gods," by ancient Mayans, (who were the first to utilise this revered plant as medicine), Cacao is not just a food, but a sacred entheogen, believed to facilitate a deeper spiritual connection.
Sitting with Cacao in ceremony is an opportunity to release heavy emotions and reconnect with your true essence. Through prayer and connection to your inner realm, profound healing becomes accessible, allowing for the creation of a new, expansive reality.
The medicine of Cacao drops us into the heart which allows us to tap into our own innate wisdom, allowing a deeper understanding of self and your truth. 
Ceremony is for absolutely anyone!!! But a lot of my clients are moving through a challenging time – a life experience leaving them questioning their truth, purpose and path or feeling a sense of disconnect with their heart – an inability to tune in to their own intuition or honour their own spirit.
But it is also for those desiring a deepening of already well-established spiritual practices (because the healers also need to be held)!!! 
I have an abundance of Mummas who sit in circle with me to fill their cup, nourish and restore balance.
After someone sits in ceremony - is there a way they can intertwine this ceremony into our daily rituals (especially when life seems to be busier than ever?)
Absolutely! Ceremony will open your connection with Cacao and your inner world and from there you can create a daily ritual that suits your lifestyle. For me, I like to prepare my Cacao after breakfast and Mum duties. The making of my Cacao is a beautiful daily ritual (my time!). I cleanse the energy of my home, altar and self with sacred smoke. I invite in the spirit of Cacao then sit with my medicine for as little or as long as I have. Each day looks very different but I’ll always set an intention for the day and thank Mama Earth, Mama Cacao, anchestors of the land and my own flesh and blood, as well as, my light team for all their love, support and guidance.
Would you be able to explain what a beautiful ceremony entails? 
Arriving into the sacred space you will be cleansed and offered beautiful blessings with sacred smoke. We will sit together in ceremony using Cacao as a powerful tool for embodiment, inviting more love, gratitude, joy, and celebration into your life. Once dropped deep into your heart space through meditation and music, you will embark on a transformative Shamanic journey, guided by the Ancient Chakana Medicine Wheel and the three worlds of existence in Andean Cosmology - the inner world, upper world, and physical world. It feels like a beautiful guided meditation!
Your medicine will be infused with prayer and intentions and your heart will be cracked open allowing emotions to be processed and healing to take place. You will have the space to let go of old beliefs, stories and conditioning to allow space for all of your dreams to land. 
The magic will reveal itself further when we sit together as I channel specifically for you but know that you will walk away feeling grounded, connected and peaceful. 
+ can people do healings & ceremonies online if they aren’t local?
Yes yes yes! Energy is energy. It doesn’t matter if you are in person or online. Some people even find it better online as they get to be in the comfort of their own home so can fully drop in and surrender to the magic. 
Why do you believe in the power of magic?
To this I say, why would you not believe in magic. I have so many experiences but one I share often is when I was driving away from my (now) ex husband. I was on the highway travelling from Sydney to Newcastle and I asked for a sign that I was on the right track. Out of nowhere flew hundreds of white butterflies into my windscreen. It was so wild but definante confirmation from the universe! The white butterfly is one of my greatest allies to this day. 
What is your fave KKJ piece?
I’m obsessed with my clear quartz earrings and necklace (which also has citrine). I never take them off! I feel so protected when I wear them and they are STUNNING!

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