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the power of magic | mariah k.lyons - astara

the power of magic | mariah k.lyons - astara
A Crystal Healer, Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, Herbalist & Luxury Footwear Designer, Mariah K. Lyons, really is one incredible woman of many talents.
I felt honoured that she took to time to chat with us about her beautiful brand ASTARA.
Krystle x

Where did the name Astara come from & what does it mean?

The name Astara kept coming to me for years in meditation. I kept wondering if it was a energetic being I was connecting to, or the name of a child that wished to come through, but it is an energetic vibration of ancient divine feminine wisdom. It was my name in a previous incarnation in ancient Atlantean times, and it is related to the goddess Isis as well as Ostara, both goddesses of fertility and rebirth. It holds the vibration of unity and bridges sky and earth. The funny thing is that I didn’t know any of this when I registered the name or signed the paperwork, I just knew that’s what the business wanted to be named. It already had a life and energy of its own. I simply stepped in to help facilitate!


Where did it all begin?

How did the vision to bring fashion & beautiful healing crystals together? 

As with many things, we create what we wish to see in the world. I was working at a luxury footwear company and started to notice that being on my computer and (multiple) phone(s) all day long was greatly affecting my health.

I started researching different ways to protect myself from the effects of EMFs and found that grounding and earthing greatly healed my body. I came up with the idea of a shoe that connected to you to the healing feqeuncy of the earth, regardless of where you are. I had been working with crystals for so long at that point that I really wanted to include them in the collection and introduce more people to the healing benefits of working intentionally with minerals. And that is how ASTARA was born!  


Have you always had a love for crystals?

Yes, I grew up in the mountains in Utah and we used to go to the desert and collect geodes and break them open and buy crystals and different talismans from the local rendezvous on the nearby reservations. They always possessed a particular energy to me that was familiar but it wasn't until later than I started working with them more intentionally. 


Can you tell us more about the shoes & what they offer to the wearer?

Each shoe has a proprietary grounding component in the sole of the shoe that has been programmed to radiate at the same frequency of the Earth, which is 7.83hz. This particular frequency known as the Schumann Resonance has been shown to create balance and harmony within the body. There are also the additional of crystals on each of the styles of shoes for specific intentionality and purpose designed in certain ways to activate the frequencies of the stones.


 Where are your beautiful products produced & where do you source your crystals?

The line is handmade in Downtown Los Angeles and we are also beginning to produce with wonderful artisans in Spain. The crystals are sourced all over the world. I work with family run businesses that ensure quality and high integrity throughout the mining process and who honor the stones themselves. Crystals hold onto the energy not only from the earth, but how they were mined, shipped etc. and it is always of upmost importance to me the stones I work with are held with high regards. 


Finally, why do you believe in the power of magic?

I am in continual awe of magic and the power of the universe on a daily basis. Even though I've studied and practiced esoteric principles for many years, it never gets old. I find that staying in the vibration of awe, curiosity, wonder, trust and gratitude are key to unlocking the codes of "magic." From as simple as creating an opening for parking to manifesting relationships or career milestones to the magical capabilities of the stones to unlock dormant "extra-sensory abilities," magic is a daily occurrence and yet never ceases to amaze. 


Do you have any Krystle Knight jewellery pieces that you are lusting over?

I love the Gold Mini Zion Quartz Studs and the Fire Flies Sleeper Gold Clear Quartz Earrings! 


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