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As a busy mother of 3, and a phoned filled with literally 1000s of photos and videos naturally captured of my children with each other, with their friends, or with their dad & then a collection of selfies with them or awkwardly requested photos, which by then, we have well and truly missed that magical moment! I felt drawn to bring our KKJ team & some friends of the brand together to have photos with their mothers or mothers with their children… or if locations & time permitted - to capture both.

Sandra & Krystle, Ryder, Alaska + Pheonix

Something I've realised since having my own children is that one thing that doesn't change, is that no matter how old you are as a mother - we always just want some moments in time captured with our children for cherished memories.

Camille, Jax & Lakey

"Motherhood has enhanced who I am as a person, shown me a love strong enough to move mountains and redefined family in all aspects. Within an ever-changing relationship with my sons I feel endless love for being able to call myself their mother, the most important job I will ever have."

Cherie & Adele

Annalyse & Goldie

"There are so many things I wish I knew before becoming a mother but two things spring straight to mind.  One is that there really is no right answer, so I’ve learned to get my head out of Google, the books, and the online forums and into the present moment. The time will is better spent with your babe! The second is that it’s ok for things to be messy (even for a long while). Kids are unpredictable so best to flow with it all as it unfolds rather than trying to hold onto something you see in the pictures."

Tara & Banjo

"Motherhood is loving more than I could ever imagine. And surrendering more than I ever thought I could."

Tanya & Liv

"I like to think I have encouraged my girls to have confidence in their own knowing -to strive for independence but also know when to ask for help. To look for opportunities & connections, with people who make them laugh & feel joy. Lastly, to always be kind to themselves and be proud of the person they were born to be."

Anna & Ash, Jax, Louie + Lola

"Being a mother is the hardest and most rewarding job I have, and my children are my biggest inspiration in my life. I feel so grateful that I became a mother at a young age as it really shaped me as a person in the best way. They’ve helped me to be more creative and playful every day, they’ve taught me to be true to myself and to always listen to my intuition. Watching us all learn and grow together each day is such a blessing. There is so much love in my heart for them, and to me that is the most important part of the journey."
- Ash


Susan & Emily

“I want my children to remember me as a mum who was (and still is) always there for them. They have inspired me to make the most of life and get out there and enjoy it. If my children feel loved and happy in their life - then I have achieved all I wanted to as a mother.”

Tess & Birdie

"The most important lesson I have learnt about motherhood is how once this little person comes into your life, your heart expands beyond measure. You will instantly become completely selfless and will do anything and everything for this person you have created without hesitation. I have also learnt to always trust your mama intuition and that you absolutely cannot pour from an empty cup, so it is important to find a little bit of you time wherever you can in the day to day."


Lynden Foss

Space Eight Studio


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