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the power of magic | rachel crethar

the power of magic | rachel crethar

Over here at KKJ, we have finally created space to connect & share with you the like minded people that also believe in the power of magic.

Rachael Crethar from @rockandco & I originally met via email / instagram around 3 years ago now & then finally met in person for our first blind date in Sydney for coffee.

It felt like we had been friends for years. I also buy a lot of my larger beautiful crystals from Rachel which you would find around my house & office. I’ve become a serious collector! 

Rachel is not only the owner of an online store, but is also a mum of 2, a media extraordinaire & is newly trained in RTT.

What sparked your love of crystals, which lead to the creation of Rock & Co?

I purchased a Citrine cluster back in 2015, one of the crystals known for increasing wealth, I sat on the end of my bed and visualised money pouring through our house. I didn’t realise at the time that I was ‘programming’ my crystal.

Within the week our little household had three financial wins in various forms and in totally unexpected ways — I was hooked! I instantly knew I was going to work with crystals in some way.

I began reading and educating myself on everything to do with crystals and minerals that I could get my hands on. I did a crystal healing course and Rock & Co was born a few months later.

Obvious question - what is your favourite crystal & why?

It really is so hard to just have one favourite. I move crystals around and tend to be realy drawn to particular crystals at different points of my life.

I’m going through a massssssive Selenite phase at the moment. I have a giant log in our main living area and another one right under my feet like a foot rest when I’m working with my RTT hypnotherapy clients. Its for protection, grounding and intuition so its perfect.

In terms of a crystals that I always have with me and around me there are 3.

  1. Black Tourmaline - I never leave home without a piece of black tourmaline in my handbag or my car for protection.
  2. Smokey Quartz – I find it the most grounding. I recommend it to everyone and especially anyone that gets anxiety. It’s a perfect pocket stone.
  3. Celestite – it’s a real personal favourite of mine. I just have a small one next to my bed always. Its known to connect you with your angels and guides and I like to think it’s the way I connect with my grandmother who I was very close to.
How do you suggest to cleanse your crystals & then to re program them/set intentions for them? 

I’ve experienced some incredible and instant moments of crystal healing, shifts and manifestation without having to program or set a crystal’s intention. It’s as if that particular stone came into my life with a purpose and a mission of its very own.

I’ve also had crystals that have taken a while to ‘get to know’ or to feel drawn to.

I’ve simply kept them around me in the house and over a period of a few months felt more and more drawn to using them. I might find myself holding one during meditation for clarity, or having another next to my computer while writing.

Then there are the crystals that I have specifically programmed for manifestation with incredible results too.

You will discover which way to use the particular crystal that you’ve chosen – and if you don’t know right away – just live with it for a while and it will come to you.

The one thing I do with every new crystal that comes my way is to cleanse it. This helps make it mine and shakes off any energy that may have been picked up before it came into my life.

The safest way to cleanse a crystal is to use sage, sound or visualise white light around it. The depending on whether it’s the type of crystal that can get wet or not you can also soak it in salt water or put outside under a full moon.

If you would like help with setting intentions for your crystals you will find a Intention Setting Guided Meditation on my site listed under "meditations'.

Is it true that crystal inclusions can change over time, depending on their energy from something or someone?
I have heard of this happening but I haven’t seen it for my own eyes!
    RTT! How exciting + the perfect addition to working with crystals.  
    What is RTT & why did you decide that this was for you? 

    RTT stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy which is a new form of hypnotherapy that gets right to the root cause of your issue or the beliefs that are holding you back. Once you have awareness of this we reprogram those subconscious beliefs and I create a personalised recording that you listen to for the next 28 days.

    I have always been fascinated in how the brain worked, and how and why we make the decisions we do – from smaller consumer decisions like which cereal to buy to larger decisions like why we choose the partners we do.

    95% of the decisions we make in our everyday lives are made with our subconscious mind. With the large majority of our subconscious beliefs being established between the ages of 0-7.

    The good news is that since the discovery of neuroplasticity in 1970 we now know that we can change our brains, train our brains to think a new way. You can reprogram your beliefs and make whatever changes in your life you would like to.

      Where & how can people work with you?
      At the moment I’m taking bookings via email or DM through my Instagram but I’m currently building a new site so that people can book online.
      How do you manage 2 kids, media freelance, an online business & now your hypnotherapy?

      It’s a juggle!! I didn’t realise just how fast the RTT hypnotherapy would take off I’m finding I’m already booked out a month in advance. I am loving it so much. I feel like I’m very much being pulled this way at the moment. Seeing the transformations in people’s lives is so incredible!

      I’m slowly pulling back on my freelance days and will be looking at ways to streamline Rock & Co. Every time we pivot it takes some time to adjust and find a new rhythm again.

      I don’t think anyone has it all worked out, we are all striving for balance. I try and be as present as I can when I’m with the kids but I don’t feel guilty about working when I’m at work, or if I need a self-care appointment during my ‘work time’ I allow myself that too.

      But in reality I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without my incredibly supportive husband. He’s the one that takes the photos for my website, he’s the one that has the kids on a Sunday when I’m seeing hypnotherapy clients, he’s the one that believed that I could reinvent my work days in a new way and was supportive when I was transitioning out of a regular media salary to follow my dreams.

      Finally, why do you believe in the power of magic?

      Even as a young girl I understood that we had the power to create our worlds. I distinctly remember I used to test my ‘magic’ by choosing a really specific time to wake up in the morning like 6.17am, I’d say it a few times outloud and bingo on the dot I would wake up.

      My mum always had a real knack of ‘having a feeling’ that we shouldn’t go to a particular party or we should drive a certain way home. Without really knowing at the time she was teaching us how to listen to our instincts.

      I feel like magic is around us all the time… the people we bump into, the conversations that lead you down another path, a song on the radio at exactly the right time. And by raising your vibration through crystals, meditation, clearing subconscious beliefs then the serendipity around you increases. If you are open to listening to the signs, trust and actually take action then you start to see magic everywhere.


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