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the power of magic | daniela schmutz

the power of magic | daniela schmutz

We love sharing the magic at KKJ & Daniela is one magical women.

I first met Danni right after I had baby Ryder. I was in a place that I needed support & a lot of self care.

I had been to a couple of nurturing mothers groups run by @sageandfolk at @thenimbusco, in which Danni let guided meditations.

Since then, I have included my visits to Dani as apart of my self care practice, whether it be for guidance, healing or someone to talk to.

Tell us a little about what Aiyana Energy? Where did it all begin?

Aiyana means 'forever flowering' and it all began when I started to receive Coaching & Life Strategies to support my life with what I was moving through at a young age of my early 20's. I realised how much I loved uncovering the layers of who I am, releasing fears and limited beliefs, supporting the adaptation of my behaviour through self-management with patience and practice and really giving myself nurturing and love, through actioning new tools to change my life.

It was profound to understand that we are limitless, forever met with opportunity to grow which supported my journey of releasing expectation unhealthy attachment and enhancing self-connection. It's an incredible journey for us all to have the capacity to be so adaptable, open and resilient if we choose.

Aiyana Energy embraces the unknown to unfold, the ever-changing flows of life, the gifts we uncover within, and fine tuning all aspects of our being spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically with guidance and tools for my clients to gain clarity and understanding for their path ahead while teaching conscious awareness of embracing their self-love and worth. Through learning and understanding the layers of behavioural therapy, I embarked to do that for my own work to firstly become a Counsellor & Development Coach, to help and support individuals, couples and families to gain insight and strategies for forward movement and support with whatever they were facing and processing personally. 

I had always been connected with other Energetic Healers & Psychics and was intrigued with the flow and foundations of energetic support. I felt this was a key factor in supporting transformational shifts, I went on to gain, learn and become a practitioner with a few different modalities that I absolutely loved, including Psychic Development to uncover how to use my gifts with structure, where a deeper understanding of myself came through as I understood how I could use my psychic abilities in my everyday life and for my clients. Since then, things just ended up flowing when it 'felt right'. I really trusted my intuition allowing my work to unfold naturally at the right time, and just like that... my business flourished through guidance, trusting, focus and love, allowing synchronicity for all to fall into place at the right time through following the right path for myself.

Most of my clients like to have a mix of my therapies as it covers all areas - While I tune in psychically, clients can also receive guidance, clarity and strategies that can be easily implemented in a practical way to support behavioural change, Coaching and empowerment. Healing's are a great way integrate and shift any leftover stagnancy within the body and emotions, to rebalance, feel relaxed, grounded, and also support cellular structure, expand energetic frequency allowing breakthroughs for transformation.

The idea of my work is to support the ever-changing, ever flourishing parts of our existence, and creating a strong relationship with our mind/body connection through exploration and change, which encourages individuals to honour their self-worth, independence and integrity. I love to help my clients to create a harmonious balance within the self to set new foundations for a clear path to bring in abundance in all areas of their life.

When did you first know you had the gift of Clairvoyance?

All my life, I always had 'visions', a 'knowing' of outcome's before they happened, and I also could feel and hear spirits who have crossed over. 

People would always ask me 'how do you know this?' And I could never back it up as I hadn't explored it as an option of being 'psychic'. 

Until when I was on my path in my 20s learning different healing modalities and building Aiyana Energy, a friend of mine who is also a psychic said to me "You know you're a full-blown psychic?" And as soon as she said that, it just properly landed, like a magical click into place and my world opened in a series of synchronised events that felt effortless.  

When I started developing and understanding my gifts as a direct channel in greater detail and how it worked for me individually, it easily unfolded like a door that has been waiting to be opened at the 'right time'. 

Since then, it supported my work deeply, as I had the knowledge of understanding energy at a greater level.  It supported my Coaching and Development for clients, as I could guide them to get to the core issues faster for them to rebuild or re-structure more effectively to gain momentum for change. And through my knowledge of behavioural development, my clients are receiving direction and learning to adapt to practical outcome's, teaching them to honour and gain confidence for their path.

I also decided to tap into mediumship where I cross over and connect with loved ones who have passed away which is a lovely avenue that can support grief and closure.

I use my gifts for face to face or phone sessions where clients can ask whatever they like, and we can focus on any areas of their choosing. I also enjoy collaborating with different events/retreats around wellbeing and supporting local business' with group healings, meditation and wellness discussion's based around behavioural topics, self support and tools for navigation.

As well as that, I provide email readings where clients can ask specific personal questions which are great for anyone wanting quick answers and insight around certain situations, also 1-3 card email readings are available, to deliver messages for clients wanting guidance around their current situation or just wanting to see what comes through for them. 

The cards I use encourage direction and focus which ties in nicely with the overall concept of 'Aiyana Energy'.

I also use my gifts to carry out home and work space clearings, which helps release negativity/stagnancy and unmotivated energy that can impact ones daily life, to lift the frequency supporting a shift in vibration allowing ones space to be more soothing and suited personally to the individual or family.

Is everyone a little Clairvoyant? & How can people tap into this?

This is a great question that I get asked a lot.

Everyone is intuitive of course, which is the senses and 'gut feeling' where you pulled by in a certain direction or if something isn't safe, or first impressions you may have about a place, person or event. Intuition is a broader feeling that something may not be quite right which arises at its own accord and you may have a certain feeling but can’t explain why. It is natural and a latent instinct of survival which can also arise as a 'fight or flight' response. It is the small voice, the hunch, the last minute change of mind and can be greatly useful when you listen and chose to follow through when intuitive guidance is being received.

To tap into Psychic skills there are different avenues of psychic communication with Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear feeling), Claircognizance (Clear knowing) and Mediumship, which does take dedication and a knowing of whom you are connecting with in the spirit world, understanding how to 'tune in' and know where your information is coming from. It also involves how to protect and clear yourself, your space with energy and guidance. It takes undeniable trust, and detachment from the human mind, which is different to intuition. Both are divine gifts to not only keep you safe, but to navigate through life smoothly. The most significant difference is that your intuition operates from instinct while your psychic abilities are activated by conscious will and development.

What do you love most about working so closely with people & knowing all of their little (& big) secrets? Haha

I absolutely love working with all of my clients and having that confidentiality with them allows us to create a strong bond of trust and security. 

Mostly I love, that my clients can 100% be themselves with me- on all levels. 'The good, the bad, the ugly'. And I absolutely adore all of that because I feel that being genuine is the most beautiful quality in all of us. 

I am so grateful that they share their intimate details where they aren't afraid to be vulnerable with me, because in truth they want to move forward, and they know there is no judgement with me. All is valid, no matter what problems they share, or just wanting some direction in life. Through having a trusted connection of everything on the table, it allows self-growth to be more attainable therefore easier to navigate clarity for them. It warms my heart knowing they feel safe to be raw and speak the truth, in order to want to change or gain insight and true value for their path ahead.

As you are Byron Bay based, do you work with people that aren't based in the local area?

My main avenue of work is via phone as I have a wide range of clients all over the world, and I also love working from the comfort of home. I used to do a lot of face to face before I moved to Byron, but as I needed a lifestyle change, to honour my feelings, I wanted to have the freedom to live wherever I wanted but still do my job that I love and be more accessible to the world. Since tuning in to the spirit world with Readings and Healings, they are energy based, which means, I don't physically need the person to be in front of me in order to tap in.  

I feel it’s always important to still always have a base wherever I live as time goes on, as it is very comforting to have the variety to have sessions face to face and immerse myself in the community around me, which also supports the business if I change location for them to still access my sessions through phone in the future.

I currently base myself in Byron at Nimbus & Co, and I am grateful for the people and the beautiful space. I worked with them in Sydney and now Byron Bay and they are an amazing team full of endless encouragement and love. It's like a little family I feel a part of which is a really nice contrast to working by myself for over 10 years. It's so nice to step into a beautiful environment and have other therapists around under the same roof where we all support each other and at the same time, build genuine friendships.

Finally, why do you believe in the power of magic?

Before I moved to Byron, I had an inkling... my intuition and gut feeling that I knew I was ready for a change. I felt maybe to move to Byron, but I also felt maybe overseas. At the beginning of 2018, I had made a few little trips up to Byron, and I started to feel this could be an option, but I just felt with my intuition be patience to observe and feel how I settled in each time I went for a holiday. The more I relaxed into nature, solitude and community I started to feel like I was already home.

On one of my trips, I was enjoying a massage around opening the heart.... And in that moment, it clicked into place, a knowing integrated with "Yep, I’m ready to move here". It was a very easy decision, and out of nowhere, everything organically fell into place for the easiest transition... I went back to Sydney, set a date, made a plan, and things naturally and magically unfolded without any road block, and with little effort. I was able to easily get tenants into my existing apartment, I sold my motorbike with ease without losing much money on it, I found a beautiful home easily up in Byron to move into, with a beautiful landlord to whom I am still friends with today who introduced me to the local community, I already knew a few people up in Byron and didn't have a worry in the world about meeting new friends, also maybe because I'm very comfortable with my own company and that is not something I worry about but a pleasant bonus none the less, my clients were sad not to see me in person anymore but were very supportive and happy to transition to phone sessions.

My friends and family weren't ready for me to move on, but unconditionally supportive. I felt very relaxed with my decision to leave my life behind that I had built, knowing now that I had built it in order to have total freedom, as the magic of Byron really opened my heart In a way I had never experienced before yet had yearned for. 

This was all about trusting my intuition, and how magically synchronicity aligns when I committed to actioning instinctual feelings. I believe that magic comes through when we trust our instincts and honour our individual process. The minute we place doubt or a restriction from the mind and interrupt the flow of believing in our inner guidance, it can become a limitation, a pressure, and we can move into fear and stay as we are. I believe in the power of magic wholeheartedly and live my life by it, with practical structure to balance my experience so it is implemented effectively.

What KKJ pieces you are lusting over?

Definitely lusting over Spirit Light Choker & Aurora Necklace - they are timeless pieces that go with anything. 

When I wear them, I feel I am embracing my feminine expression. I feel jewellery can really interpret one's personality in a way that is unique and admirable and when I wear my KKJ pieces, I feel grounded in the woman I am, and I especially love that I can wear her stunning jewellery while receiving the energetic boosts of support from the precious crystals that are so beautifully designed to be delicate yet statement pieces.

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